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my computer says i’m 21 but my analog clock doesn’t think so.


it’s not goodbye OR badbye.

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I don’t know what it is. but I’m sad it all can’t fit within my 50 pound checked bag limit.

I haven’t said much on here lately. but I will update when I am home. I have so much to write. It would just be a waste of time if I tried to do it now

I think, also, that big big goodbyes are pointless. Because the people that I would give a big big goodbye to are the ones that I better see again. so my biggest goodbye is to this room. 

I keep thinking about when I was sitting in this spot in january. and then february. march april and now. It’s hard taking down the notes and pictures and posters. it’s putting this room back to one that is not mine. 

and I’m not looking forward to my room on fair oaks, because Turtle peed all over it apparently. my mom and dad wished me luck…. BAAAA turtle.


GOODBYE UK. but it’s more like, see you later.

PS someone is playing taylor swift outside of my window. I haven’t heard this song since I drove around for my last time before coming here. FULL CIRCLES. full perfect circles

green eyes

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so happy and so blue

can’t sleep. my brain will eat me.

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drunk british men singing outside of my window.  

I had a whole other post, but I deleted it. I can’t be honest here anymore. but I’m going to bed sad, like the emo little hairball i am


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thirteen days until i’m stared and striped!!!!!!!!!!!! 

this is so weird. 



I just got back from the Lake District with Jill and Elliot. We climbed about 7 peaks, saw baby sheep, saw decaying sheep, ate fish and chips, and climbed around a waterfall!

the month of may is INCREDIBLY weird.

I’m feeling toyed with. 

i’m pretty sure

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I’m a monster.

13 seconds ago,

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I updated my tumblr. 

made (originally unframed) by my fabulous roomate, Danielle.

I’m really bored with wordpress. I think this might be it. because any other posts I would post would probably be 2 emo. 

I think it’s time for a new blawg…

to be catinued. 

…I smell like onions…

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tacos, salsa, nacho dip, coronas, tequila, desperados, and guac………. 


my living room

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